Deeper Sense by Kelly Carmody

At first glance Kelly Carmody’s full-length portraits and elegant still-life paintings look to be works the gentry would have commissioned hundreds of years ago. And then the viewer notices discreet modern details: a plastic knife handle, the sheen of a store-bought skirt. These slyly inserted elements mark the subjects as solidly contemporary, while revealing Carmody’s intimate knowledge of the old masters and their styles.

Our cover image, “Woman with Rooster,” like all of Carmody’s work, features modern elements recreated using traditional painting techniques. The model for this image, Pam Council, was at an art residency on a farm with Carmody. The rooster, tomato, and glove were in the barn. Carmody chose Council as her subject because she was intrigued by the juxtaposition of Council’s long black skirt and blue head bow against the rural setting.

—The Editors

Kelly Carmody. Young Girl with Apple Oil on linen 34 x 50 inches

Young Girl with Apple. Oil on linen,  34 x 50 inches.

Kelly Carmody. Father and Son Oil on linen 70 x 52 inches

Father and Son. Oil on linen,  70 x 52 inches.

Kelly Carmody. Mandarins and Almonds Oil on linen 7 x 9 inches

Mandarins and Almonds. Oil on linen,  7 x 9 inches.

Kelly Carmody, Basket of Lemons Oil on linen 12 x 16 inches

Basket of Lemons. Oil on linen,  12 x 16 inches.

Kelly Carmody, Whiting with Lemon Oil on linen 11 x 14 inches

Whiting with Lemon. Oil on linen,  11 x 14 inches.

Kelly Carmody, Grapes and Figs Oil on linen 8 x 10 inches

Grapes and Figs. Oil on linen,  8 x 10 inches.

Kelly Carmody, Snapper with Lemon Oil on linen 12 x 16 inches

Snapper with Lemon. Oil on linen,  12 x 16 inches.