Half-Told Stories by Julio Reyes

Julio Reyes - Headwinds Oil on mounted linen 23 1/2 x 36 inches

Headwinds. Oil on mounted linen. 23 1/2 x 36 inches.

Half-Told Stories by Julio Reyes

Reyes’ compositions suggest something surreal is at hand: Ghostly figures mirror the corporeal, or the abstracted spaces of white walls. Reyes’ urban environments add a provocative atmospheric touch: industrial sites and fences; wild fires; unidentifiable fields shrouded in darkness; far stretches of land meeting blurred horizons. These places offer a metaphorical narrative that is just beyond the literal reach of the viewer.

We wonder about the stories behind these paintings. We see far-cast eyes. Dipped chins and eyes suggest solemnity. The presence of dignity. We feel these untold stories, and this is how they will remain, preserved through time as their characters will themselves through life. The drape of Reyes’ realism convinces us of the existence of these places and people, of his abiding human interest.

—The Editors

See more of Julio Reyes’ work at julioreyes.com.


At Home. Oil on panel. 8 x 10 inches.


Spring Shade. Oil on copper. 18 x 12 inches.


Falconer. Oil on mounted linen. 42 x 33 inches.


Erica. Oil on canvas. 36 x 48 inches.


Deep Calls to Deep. Egg tempera and oil on copper. 13 1/2 x 19 3/4 inches


The Barrens. Oil on copper. 10 x 18 inches.


Night Moth. Oil on panel. 55 x 60 inches.


Dave. Oil on canvas. 36 x 48 inches