In the Eye of the Beholder by Jonathan Smith


Island: Gulfoss

In the Eye of the Beholder by Jonathan Smith

In the world of the visual arts, originality starts in the creator’s eyethe objective world as perceived by a particular individual who, in sharing his or her perception with the rest of us, offers a new and surprising way of seeing.

Such are the photographic images of Jonathan Smith, which observe nature’s strong abstract patterns in rivers, icebergs, and shorelines. He often revisits the same site on several occasions until he feels the essential character of the landscape has been revealed to him. This conscious and gradual process of documentation results in transcendent meditations on land, water, and air.

In addition to studying the coastlines of the United States, Smith has travelled to remote locations in Iceland and Patagonia. There, landscapes devoid of human presence display a world lost in time. Drifting into frame, their dreamlike palettes offer a window into an ephemeral world where scale and perspective become impalpable. Large-scale prints of these images echo the vastness of the spaces they depict, inviting viewers to contemplate their own spiritual relationship to the natural world.

—The Editors

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