Initiation <span style=by Caitlin Mullen" width="600" />

Initiation by Caitlin Mullen

“You think he…he made a pass at him? “Shit man, shut up, would you?” Hollingsworth was teetering-off-the-edge-of-the-earth drunk, which is just about how drunk we’d need to have been to admit we were wondering the same thing, to admit why and how we could picture…

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A Country Weekend <span style=by Anabel Graff" width="600" />

A Country Weekend by Anabel Graff

Megan feels out of place. She wanders down the hallway, looking at oil paintings in gold frames. She knew Cecily was rich, but not this rich. From the other room, she can hear Cecily explain that they are in the “Little House,” because the “Big…

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On a Good Day <span style=by Jeordie" width="600" />

On a Good Day by Jeordie

The right song makes you either forget everything or remember everything. The voice of The Judds wakes you up, but it fails to bring back the good old days. A stomach full of sleeping pills can be interpreted as a sign of surrender. Waking after…

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They Will Take What  They Will Take <span style=by Lauren Harvey" width="600" />

They Will Take What They Will Take by Lauren Harvey

I wash my armpits with day-old sanitized water. On the days I do not have water, I use spit. I force a spoonful of leftover sweet-boiled rice, from the bowl on the trailer counter, into my mouth. It is cold and pasty. Sugar makes such…

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Fake Plastic Trees <span style=by Ikwo Ntekim (excerpt)" width="600" />

Fake Plastic Trees by Ikwo Ntekim (excerpt)

The smell of him on her pillow was the thing Eesvari missed most: some sensitive soap mixed with his sweat. She wondered if his wife chose the soap, and if she did, which brand did they use? He wasn’t seeing her as his client anymore…

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Striking a Minor <span style=by Taylor Antrim (excerpt)" width="600" />

Striking a Minor by Taylor Antrim (excerpt)

Anne and Marshall met at a Lower East Side club both of them were too old to be seen at. She recognized him from work: he was on the business side; she was an editor at one of the second tier women’s titles. They’d had…

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Donner, Party of Two <span style=by Iris Smyles (excerpt)" width="600" />

Donner, Party of Two by Iris Smyles (excerpt)

Billy and I have been dating for over a month, and I practically love him. This, despite the fact that he is a little bit stupid, not great-looking per se, that his body has problem areas. Despite his vanity, his too-frequent checkups in shop windows…

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Equivalent <span style=by Amy Hempel (excerpt)" width="600" />

Equivalent by Amy Hempel (excerpt)

The former owner was supposed to fix the door. Instead, he left behind a pool-cleaning robot. He said it was equivalent to fixing the front door, though the house had no pool. It had once had a pool, but the seller’s wife had been the…

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<i>Quasi una fantasia</i> <span style=by Christina Murphy" width="600" />

Quasi una fantasia by Christina Murphy

Fiona had a baby she did not want, and when it cried, she placed it in its stroller and wheeled it outside onto the balcony of her apartment and closed the French doors. This worked well until her husband came home unexpectedly one day and…

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Deep Sea Diving  <span style=by Cody Mullins" width="600" />

Deep Sea Diving by Cody Mullins

I stare at three lobsters in a tank at the supermarket. I ask my mother, on the telephone, how my father is, and she lowers her voice to answer. I catch the gaze of lobster one. Let’s call him Ray. Ray used to be on…

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