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The Jaguar <span style=by Alison Fairbrother" width="600" />

The Jaguar by Alison Fairbrother

I am thinking of my ex-husband and the scene he made at Union Station. The guard who escorted us out of the building had a tattoo of Jesus Christ on the side of his face so intricately detailed I could see the whites of Christ’s…

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The Polish Veterinarian <span style=by Sheena Cook" width="600" />

The Polish Veterinarian by Sheena Cook

Inside the Moniack Moor Inn, the Polish vet sat at the bar, waiting for the policeman. She tried to stop the ice cubes rattling as she brought the glass to her lips. Her vodka tasted of raw potatoes and straw. The cigar smoke from the…

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In Naples <span style=by Roxana Robinson (excerpt)" width="600" />

In Naples by Roxana Robinson (excerpt)

“Today,” said Julian, “I recommend the catacombs.” He unfolded his napkin with a little flourish. They were in Palermo, in the hotel dining room, where the two couples met for breakfast every day. Julian, who had read up on Italy before they left, had an…

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Billy Chuck <span style=by Lily White (excerpt)" width="600" />

Billy Chuck by Lily White (excerpt)

“Pretend to stab me,” my brother says. I lunge at him with an invisible knife and he takes my straight arm and bends it backwards. “Ow!” I say. My brother does tai chi, but not just the slow motion stuff. He says he knows this…

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The Rash. . .and Other Unfortunate Things <span style=by Mark O’Horo (excerpt)" width="600" />

The Rash. . .and Other Unfortunate Things by Mark O’Horo (excerpt)

It’s an odd experience being the fifth wheel at an orgy. Personally, I do not recommend it. I don’t mean to condemn orgies in general, but if two couples ask you to join in, rest assured the experience will be awkward, unsatisfying, and basically a…

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Beautiful <span style=by Michael Bourne" width="600" />

Beautiful by Michael Bourne

Usually when Rachel entered a room it was at hurricane speed, a blur of stomped feet and shouted hallos and bright unfurling scarves and coats and hats, but that morning when she came through the revolving doors at Anthony’s, she was so quiet, so unobtrusive,…

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Provincetown <span style=by Alice Mattison (excerpt)" width="600" />

Provincetown by Alice Mattison (excerpt)

Every summer, Ginny Horton rented a place in Truro for a week and spent a day with her second cousin Carl—a doctor, 15 years younger; Carl and his partner owned a house in Provincetown. This year, though, she phoned him nervously. She’d had trouble. Carl…

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Young Life <span style=by Bret Anthony Johnston (excerpt)" width="600" />

Young Life by Bret Anthony Johnston (excerpt)

You are 13, almost poor, afraid of the wrong things. A very partial list of what scares you includes being hit in the face with a baseball, dropping your lunch tray in the cafeteria again, never kissing a girl or seeing an albatross. You’re actually…

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Brand Values <span style=by Emily Buckler (excerpt)" width="600" />

Brand Values by Emily Buckler (excerpt)

“He said anything less than fifteen thousand,” the redhead said.      “Isn’t that sixteen-fifty?” said the woman in heels.      “It’s fine,” said the redhead. “He won’t notice.”      The two women did not look at the security guard as they left the shop, handbags dangling from their…

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The Stone <span style=by Mika Seifert (excerpt)" width="600" />

The Stone by Mika Seifert (excerpt)

You may have heard about it: This morning something curious happened at my house. It has already created quite a confusion, and it isn’t even noon yet. I’m at the big kitchen window now; it’s on the ground floor, and I have a fairly good…

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