Apricot Tarts  <span style=by Jessica Soffer" width="600" />

Apricot Tarts by Jessica Soffer

I am feeding my father small bites of a buttery apricot tart from a French bakery. It is his third of the day. My mother wakes up early in the morning to get her hands on a good quantity of them, to hoard them in…

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Blue Marlin <span style=by Martina Clark" width="600" />

Blue Marlin by Martina Clark

It was one of those rare hot days in San Francisco. Which worked out well given I was basically naked. A make-up artist from the San Francisco Ballet was taking a break from his regular duties for the 1993 season and was painting my 29-year-old…

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First Loves <span style=by Adreyo Sen (excerpt)" width="600" />

First Loves by Adreyo Sen (excerpt)

When I was at boarding school, it was my misfortune to be in love with my bullies. Their dark suaveness thrilled my bones. In my second year at boarding school, my form mates and I moved to our main houses. My main house was Oberoi,…

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