Poems from the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone <span style=by Adrian Bonenberger" width="600" />

Poems from the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone by Adrian Bonenberger

I. Before you cross block point alpha And drive into a crater-riddled field Take this unseen precaution: Check the long slippery guts Stacked below your stomach, Packed tight like confetti. That’s where your fingers will Jab, frantic, down ragged holes Later when higher confirms Enemy…

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With the Beating of a Drum <span style=by Jay Leeming" width="600" />

With the Beating of a Drum by Jay Leeming

On my resumé I claimed to have “implemented large-scale mailings to multiple clients” which is to say I had stuffed envelopes. Entering corporate America I knew I had to amplify my experience to survive, to inflate my language like an African bird puffing out his…

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Jacob & Rachel <span style=by Afua Ansong" width="600" />

Jacob & Rachel by Afua Ansong

I do not like the way the story ends, how she has prayed to God and begs to be remembered and God leaves her dying on some journey away from home. But I do giggle with money gold overtime, believing that Jacob worked 14 good…

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Linguine with Clams <span style=by Abby Caplin" width="600" />

Linguine with Clams by Abby Caplin

Swimming on white china in a sea of pale gold— extra virgin olive oil and garlic, butter, naked noodles like long tongues lick the fork, in the end curl themselves, spooning. Pink pillowy cherrystone goddesses birthed in salt watery tides and pried, still sleeping, from…

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A Love Supreme <span style=by Grace Schulman" width="600" />

A Love Supreme by Grace Schulman

The man who gave up drugs for God raised a soprano sax, now a ram’s-horn calling us to confess, now a muezzin’s summons to prayer, and now a benediction, flaming in contradiction. His arpeggios gave way to squawking tones, staccato barks, praising ugliness/beauty, both as…

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Fear of Falling <span style=by Richard Lincoln" width="600" />

Fear of Falling by Richard Lincoln

Lucifer and his all-star angels fell Into the black and sticky bogs of hell The recreation room is large and clean Dominated by a giant TV screen. Around it residents nap in reclining chairs. There is an upright piano, a table laid with sweets. News…

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<span style=[David Shapiro in the poetry section] by Brian Cudzilo" width="600" />

[David Shapiro in the poetry section] by Brian Cudzilo

Something about his father and a very expensive Stradivarius An anecdote about two different Elizabeth Bishops and his Gotham Book Mart Award Almost scary to say it I think he said He has a terrible disease So did Jim Schuyler Fairfield Porter Southampton summerhouse Jasper…

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Extraordinary rendition, 2004 <span style=by Susan Goslee" width="600" />

Extraordinary rendition, 2004 by Susan Goslee

No Paddington. I am called for where lost. Rendition runs quiet as a limo, a sewn mouth. White leather seats to Cairo. Brother Tarmac. Sister Airstrip. The leased little Gulfstream loves to fin through the dark—Please find inside any sac hood. Brother Shackle. Sister Sedative….

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An Olympian Crown of Sonnets <span style=by Sarah Azzara" width="600" />

An Olympian Crown of Sonnets by Sarah Azzara

Traditionally a series of seven sonnets, a crown of sonnets is united by a common theme. The last line of the first sonnet is the first line of the second sonnet, the last line of the second is the first line of the third, and…

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Giant Nazi Flag Escapes From an Attic Vodka Box <span style=by Ralph Sneeden" width="600" />

Giant Nazi Flag Escapes From an Attic Vodka Box by Ralph Sneeden

My mother lets it out by accident, mistaken for another crate of crap, tax returns to shred. Standard of a century’s cruel alluvion, as if pressed and folded yesterday, poised for one more parade, no moth holes, a flume-blade of cloth to be dropped on…

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