Vol. X, No. 2 – Summer/Fall 2016 ($18.50)
Featuring work by Grace Schulman, Brian Cudzilo, Richard Lincoln, Billy Collins, Jane Hamilton, Ikwo Ntekim, Taylor Antrim, Iris Smyles, Adreyo Sen, Matt Collins, Matt Collins, Scott Latta, Elizabeth Robertson Laytin, Ellen Watson and many, many more!
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Vol. X, No. 1 – Winter/Spring 2016 ($18.50)
Featuring work by Billy Collins, Elaine Equi, Kevin McLellan, Geoffrey O’Brien, Tara Ballard, Susan Goslee, Sarah Azzara, Cody Mullins, Christina Murphy, Amy Hempel, Alison Fairbrother, Jane Hamilton, E. L. Doctorow and many, many more!
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Vol. IX, No. 2 – Summer 2015 ($18.50)
Featuring work by Billy Collins, Chloe Wilson, John Gosslee, Catherine Moore, Jennifer Lobaugh, Gregory Golaszewski, Pamela Walters, Meg Wolitzer, Ursula Hegi, Roger Rosenblatt, Roxana Robinson, Alejandro Varela, Struan Sinclair and many, many more!
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Vol. IX, No. 1 – Spring 2015 ($18.50)
Featuring work by Billy Collins, Lily Beshore, Wallace Stevens, Holly Weinberg, John Stintzi , Lily White, Alice Mattison, Atul Gawande, Daniel Menaker, Roger Rosenblatt, Robert Faus, Ramona Reeves, Lou Ann Walker and many, many more!
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Vol. VIII, No. 2 Summer 2014 ($18.50)
Featuring work by Roger Rosenblatt, Fae Leslie, Claudia Reilly, Robert Kenny, Bret Anthony Johnston, Vanessa Cuti, Alice Mattison, Judith Hertog, Jennifer Brooke, Kerry Anderson, Adam Penna, Molly Lurie-Marino, Billy Collins and many, many more!
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Vol. VIII, No. 1 Spring 2014 ($18.50)
Featuring work by Cathy Zimmermann, Judy L. Mandel, Ricki Miller, John Erman, Edwidge Danticat, Lynn Gordon, Christopher Byrd, Mika Seifert, Kathryn Levy, Ben Jonson, Robert Pinsky, Carolyn Timbie, Billy Collins and many, many more!
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Vol. VII, No. 2 Summer 2013 ($15)
Why Memoir Matters More Than Ever? Find out in this summer’s TSR! Featuring work by Susan Cheever, Billy Collins, Sven Birkerts, Dinah Lenney, Roz Chast, Jim Daniels, Arlene Alda, Ursula Hegi, John Morra, Sally Susman, Bob Morris, Robert Reeves, Roger Rosenblatt, Zachary Lazar, Richard Panek, Barry Blitt, Frederic Tuten, Maggie Scarf, Anita Desai, Joe Pintauro, Eric Fischl, Jules Feiffer, and many, many more!
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Vol. VII, No. 1 Spring 2013 ($15)
Special issue honoring the late David Rakoff. Features writing by Roger Rosenblatt, Patricia Marx, Konstantin Soukhovetski, Meg Wolitzer, Billy Collins, Ruth Rakoff, Carrie Cooperider and Dinah Lenney. Artwork by Sadie J. Valeri, Jules Feiffer, Jim Gemake and Meryl Spiegel.
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Volume VI, No. 2 Summer 2012 ($15)
Features writing by Billy Collins, Roger Rosenblatt, Ursula Hegi and Jen Senft, and artwork by Francine Fleischer and Diana Frank, among others. Includes a special Turkana Basin insert with photographs and writing from the January 2012 winter conference at the Turkana Basin Institute in Kenya.
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Volume VI, No. 1 Spring 2012 ($15)
With artwork by Walter Bernard and Jules Feiffer, and poetry and prose from Robert Reeves, Roger Rosenblatt, Phebe Shih Chao, Rachel Pastan and Billy Collins.
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Volume V, No. 2, Summer 2011 ($15)
In this issue we feature a rollicking tale of a 1911 flying ace and his derring-do. There is A. Robert Towbin’s poignant short story, “A Business Trip to California,” that is intriguingly evocative of William Trevor. There’s a moving memoir by J. Patrick Redmond entitled “Margaret” that tells of his friendship with a most unlikely character, as well as a very brave short story by Mary Richie, “The Conductor,” in which she explores the limits of traditional language and narrative form.— Lou Ann Walker, Editor-in-Chief.
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Volume V, No. 1, Spring 2011 ($15)
As you page through this issue, you will encounter plenty of writers–and visual artists–stretching, bending, yoga-izing the boundaries. Take, for example, E.B. Sanders’ ideas on procreation. Or Paton Miller’s approach to figurative painting. Think about the extraordinary story Peter Hansen has to tell after a plate glass flew off a Manhattan balcony on a windy day and struck him in the head. Don’t miss Magdalene Brandeis’ tale of dealing with the medical establishment during her husband’s liver transplant.— Lou Ann Walker, Editor-in-Chief

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(Back issues: Vol. I (issues 1 and 2), $40.  Vols. II through VI, $15/issue. Beginning with Volume VII, individual issues are $18.50. Annual subscription is $35.)

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