Volume V, No. 2 – Summer 2011

TSR: The Southampton Review. Volume V, No. 2

Features writing by Billy Collins, Roger Rosenblatt, Ursula Hegi and Jen Senft, and artwork by Francine Fleischer and Diana Frank, among others. Includes a special Turkana Basin insert with photographs and writing from the January 2012 winter conference at the Turkana Basin Institute in Kenya.

Table of Contents


Deep Lane — Mark Doty
Doctoral Student Uncovers Copper Age Shoe • Mantis • Figuring Stone — Jackie Bartley
Lightning Strike — Sebastian Doherty
Last Supper — Noel Conneely
The Greek Fiscal Crisis — D.L. Stein
Limited Bus • In The Field Club At Noon — Ginny Rosenblatt
Physician’s Note (Re: Mrs. B—) — Erin White
Italy, 1944 • Muse Poem — Harvey Shapiro
Absolute Truth — Kathryn Levy
Throw A Gun In The Room — Jim Daniels
Fear Of Success • Song Of Two • Mine Own Professors — Patty Seyburn
Miss Alabaster — Maggie Bloomfield
Lines Written At Flying Point Beach — Billy Collins


Margaret — J. Patrick Redmond
Embraceable Me — Mindy Kronenberg
Santiago — Nicola Ruiz
Echoes — Andrew Botsford
Kayak Morning — Roger Rosenblatt


Fly Now! — David S.Thomson

Plays & Screenplays

History Of Penn — Annette Handley Chandler & Will Chandler
Lifted — Tracy M. King-Sanchez
Better Than A Feral Cat — William Westbrook Burford


Haunting Wish — A.N. Hegde
A Business Trip To California — A. Robert Towbin
The Conductor — Mary Richie
Keeping Secrets — Bina Bernard
The Courtship And Marriage Of Meyer Lansky, 1928-29 — Zachary Lazar
Cherry Bomb — Jaime Osnato
The Anger Meridian — Kaylie Jones

Art Portfolios

A Midsummer Day, East Hampton, Long Island — Thomas Moran
Sunset At East Hampton — Charles Henry Miller
The Guild Hall, East Hampton — Frederick Childe Hassam
Untitled — Willem De Kooning
The Plane Tree — Fairfield Porter
Shattered Color — Lee Krasner
Untitled,1951 — Jackson Pollock
Death Of Jackson Pollock — Conrad Marca-Relli
Landscape — Roy Lichtenstein
Summer Pregnancy (Portrait of Jimmy and Gretchen Johnson) — Larry Rivers
Water Mill Landscape — Jane Freilicher
The Swimmer — William King
the Embrace — Jules Feiffer
Phil/Manipulated — Chuck Close
The Gang — Eric Fischl
Moon and Sea — April Gornik

Cartoon Portfolios

Four Cartoons — Liza Donnelly
Four Cartoons — Michael Maslin
Four Cartoons — Andrew Weldon

On Craft

Interview With Harvey Shapiro — Kathryn Levy
The Book Tour — Helen Simonson


Front Cover — Robert Risko
Back Cover — Amy Portnoy
Artist Creating Himself — Gahan Wilson
Top Hat and Tails • Blueman — Jules Feiffer


“Italy, 1944” And “Muse Poem” By Harvey Shapiro from The Sights Along The Harbor (Wesleyan University
Press 2006). © 2006 By Harvey Shapiro and Reprinted By Permission Of Wesleyan University Press.
Harry Atwood Photos Courtesy Library Of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division

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