Volume VI, No. 1 – Spring 2012

TSR: The Southampton Review. Volume VI, No. 1

With artwork by Walter Bernard and Jules Feiffer, and poetry and prose from Robert Reeves, Roger Rosenblatt, Phebe Shih Chao, Rachel Pastan and Billy Collins.

Table of Contents


Digging • Rain • Size • Foundling — Billy Collins
Small Chronicle — Janet Kaplan
Voce — M.E. Bunzel
Patterns of Melt — Anne Pierson Wiese
Graveyard Shift — Anne Babson
Darkness is as Darkness Does • After the Afterlife — Carl Phillips
White Insides of a Circle — Ben Purkert
A Time Zone — Kenneth Koch
Three Voices — Ashleigh Marie Smith
The Art of Excavation • Socialists • Sentio ergo Sum • “American Archangel” — Robert Wrigley

Cartoon Portfolios

An Artist’s Dilemma: Lines I wish I’d Delivered — Arnold Roth
Five Cartoons — Liza Donnelly
How to Commit Creation! — Gahan Wilson
Four Cartoons — Michael Maslin
Super Heroes — Jules Feiffer

On Craft

Imagining What You Know: Writing Prompts — Roger Rosenblatt
Responses: Christopher Cascio; Christopher Byrd; Tula Cahoon Holmes;
Genevieve Crane; Kathleen Goldhirsch; Emma Walton Hamilton; Syma Gerard;
Travis Rave; Maggie Bloomfield; Ashleigh Marie Smith,
Cathy Zimmerman; Danielle Berg

Kenneth Koch: An Interview with Karen Koch — Star Black


Julie’s Speech — Bob Morris
#2486 — Jennifer Brooke
Beyond Compare — Phebe Shih Chao


Unpaid Leave — J. Malcolm Garcia
Unlocking the Mystery of an Artist and His Prints: An Examination of Giuseppe Piattoli’s Games, Amusements and Festivals in Tuscany — Daniel De Simone


Re-Upholstered — Janice Maffei

A Writer’s Dilemma

Lines I Wish I’d Delivered
Roger Rosenblatt
Jules Feiffer
Julie Sheehan
Byron Dobell
Melissa Bank
Robert Reeves


The Bequest — Rachel Pastan
Scrambled Eggs — Jennifer Greenstein
My Suicides — Martha Cooley
SMASH — Matthew Miranda
Moving Violations — Dave Engeldrum
Erotic Geography — Robert Reeves
Erosion — Genevieve Crane
Siesta Key — Jessica Cira

Art Portfolios

What Shores, What Seas — Barry McCallion
X-ray Visionary — Steve Miller
Color as Subject — Hector Leonardi
Painting the Light — Walter Bernard
What Shores, What Seas (continued) — Barry McCallion

In Memoriam

David Zelag Goodman — The Editors


Front cover: “Mecox Fields” by Walter Bernard. Oil on canvas. 17 x 23 inches
Page 176: “Koch’s Glasses.” Painting by Kenneth Koch. Collection: Karen Koch.
Photograph by Star Black
“A Time Zone,” from The Collected Poems of Kenneth Koch by Kenneth Koch, © 2005 by
The Kenneth Koch Literary Estate. Used by permission of Alfred A. Knopf, a division of Random House, Inc.
Back cover, page IV: From Barry McCallion’s visual book: What Shores, What Seas, 2011. Ink on handmade Richard de Bas paper. 14.5 x 19.5 centimeters

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