Obsolete Word of the Week: drawlatch

Obsolete Word of the Week: drawlatch


n. a housebreaker; a sneak thief.

1331   Act 5 Edw. III c. 14   Roberdesmen, Wastours & Draghlacche.
1383   Act 7 Rich. II c. 1 §5.
?1518   Cocke Lorelles Bote sig. B.iij,   With davy drawelache of rokyngame.
1546   J. Heywood Dialogue Prouerbes Eng. Tongue ii. viii. sig. Kiiv,   To make me Iohne drawlache, or suche a snekebill.
1607   J. Cowell Interpreter sig. Aa2v/1,   Drawe latches..Master Lamberd..calleth them miching theeues, as Wasters.


Modern Usage Suggestions…

The drawlatch was apprehended.

He was the neighborhood drawlatch, creeping in through back doors. All the girls secretly loved him.

Yo, drawlatch! How you doin’ brah?!

“I think there was like, a drawlatch in my apartment last night.”
“God, Williamsburg is so done.”